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Live video streaming just got easier with

The world is more connected than ever thanks to technology like live streaming, which is finding its way out of niche channels and into everyday internet usage. Taking the popularity of YouTube and adding the exciting live element, streaming allows people to watch video broadcast live by others around the world.

So why go with this app?

New apps are arriving all the time to make this easier and smoother, such as Live video streaming. This free app can not only let you broadcast and watch with a huge community, but spice up your videos with fun features. Live video streaming is one of the notable up-and-coming live streaming apps, combining a social platform with tools to watch and stream live video. There’s money to be made from having a live stream show, so it’s no wonder that lots of people are jumping onto apps like this. Not only can you broadcast yourself, but you can chat with and meet people all over the world who follow the same streamers. Several top YouTubers and musical talents have joined this platform, so it’s really one to watch. You can show your appreciation of your favorite stars by sending hearts, or send gifts in the form of animated teddy bears and more which they can earn real money from. When it comes to broadcasting, you have access to some fun extras like live filters, stickers and makeup effects that can make your videos pop and attract more attention.

More simple than you’d expect

If you’re short on technical knowledge, this is a great app for getting into streaming without knowing a great deal about it. Live video streaming is aimed at casual users and streamlines the majority of the process to one touch, with clear buttons and instructions. You can stream at any time just be pressing a button and getting started. Access to a community of 1,500,000 people helps a great deal too! As a viewer, navigating the app is pretty easy. You search by hashtags, so it’s very straightforward and something most users are familiar with. Performance appears to be pretty smooth across the board, provided your internet connection is stable. The addition of things like special events and competitions goes some way to making the app more interesting to use. For example, you can win tickets to big events by going live at certain times, or viewing a certain number of streamers.

Merrily down the stream Live video streaming is definitely an app to have if live streaming is something you enjoy or do yourself. Not only is the platform very smooth and simple, but it really encourages users. Though it’s still a little on the small side and some report problems with lack of moderation, this growing platform is ideal as a starting point.


  • Easy to use, with one-touch streaming
  • Find interests and channels using hashtags
  • Chat and get social with other viewers
  • Follow fun streamers and internet stars


  • Still a relatively small community but growing daily
  • No professional features, but tons of fun extras


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  • Sai Siddu

    by Sai Siddu

    So good very good my best app in totally apps am one day 8hours speed this app am full time pass this app

  • Kitten Spann

    by Kitten Spann

    I love you very much live me app
    I been on there lost of years

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